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Megan's Top 5 Jewelry Picks for Summer 2018

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Our lovely jewelry assembler, Megan, takes you through her top five jewelry picks for summer 2018. There's plenty of icy treats, pretty pastels and bold glitter pieces to delight even the grumpiest cynic. Follow Megan down the pink brick road for a super sweet summer showcase!

ps_xl_con_01Our XL Ice Cream Cone earrings are a bestseller, especially in the summer time. You may have seen these at the Museum of Ice Cream. We like to think of these stunners as the Vinca gateway earring; these (or the chef's knives!) are usually customers' first pair of Vinca earrings. You can only go right with these sweet, layered ice cream cones. 



You don't have to be in the sun to see these mermaids shimmer. Megan's second pick for the summer are the Post- Dangle Mermaid Shell earrings. The shell section is cut from mirror gold acrylic and the mermaid is cut from shiny iridescent acrylic that changes color in the light. Kinda like refracted light you see when there's a rainbow! Get noticed on land or sea in these bathing beauties.

ps_xl_bpop_01Megan saluted America's Independence Day with a frozen treat our XL Bomb Pop earrings. No one is going to be looking at fireworks in the sky when you have these sparklers on your lobes. True facts. Celebrate all summer long in these colorful confections. 

ngp_sno_01What's your favorite snow cone flavor? Megan likes them all! And who can blame her when it's 107 degrees out?! Give us ALL THE FLAVORS!!! Our Snow Cone Necklace only has three glittery flavors, but we can assure you that it is guaranteed to satisfy that sweet tooth (or neck) of yours. 


What's cut from pearly red acrylic and covered in black teardrop Swarovski crystals? Megan's final pick for summer 2018! More sweets, but this time it's of the natural variety. These watermelon earrings are simple, but are a BIG statement piece that are the perfect accent to any summer outfit. Pair these sparkly melons with your favorite sundress and you have a bonafide hit ensemble on your hands. 

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