Not in My Movie Collection

What’s your favorite scary movie? If you’re a horror movie fanatic, Scream Queen or Final Girl, you’re gonna want a big ‘ol slice of this bloody new collection. It’s a S C R E A M, baby! Affectionately called the ‘Not In My Movie’ Collection we traded in our classic chef’s knife for a buck knife. Vinca’s gone a- huntin’...for some seriously chic and scary–with a splash of humor– jewelry pieces inspired by a legendary ‘90s slasher. This collection was so bloodcurdling-ly fun to make we don’t think our parents would be so mad at us.

I’m Feelin’ a Little Woozy Here…

First up is the Feelin’ Woozy Anatomical Heart Brooch. As the title suggests, this design is an ode to the O.G. fictional teen slasher’s quote. The design also ties in a sequel. We’ve got a feeling that Charlie from Scream 4 would totally “heart” this Feelin’ Woozy brooch. *WINK* If you know, you know!

We took our original anatomical heart brooch design and modified it to include a fully customized buck knife (Ghostface’s weapon of choice) etched with Ghostface’s visage. The brooch is cut from frosted red plastic so you can see the buck knife slide in and out of the brooch. We love interactive pieces! The buck knife is as dull as Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers so you don’t have to worry about slicin’ and dicin’ your digits off. The Feelin’ Woozy brooch retails for $36 and is available on 

We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes…Mad for EARRINGS!

It’s our Buck Knife earrings aka the one that started it all! Well, not really. We had been doing a celebratory Friday the 13th charm design for at least a couple of years, but never sold any of the items…until now! Maybe it was the anticipatory return of Ghostface in 2022 and people messaging us where they can buy this ‘out-of-season,’ horror-themed jewelry.

The Buck Knife charm is approximately 2” and cut from silver tone plastic. While the charms are not metal, the fish hooks are silver plated brass. Our Buck Knife earrings retail at $28 a pair and are available on

Who’s There?! A LARGE Barrette, That’s Who!

You may have seen this large buck knife barrette on starlet Melissa Barrera during the press junket for Scream (2022). This is THE same design. An extra special thanks to Clayton Hawkins, hair care extraordinaire, for making this collaboration a total scream!

Who’s There? Large Barrette is the same size as our Chef’s Knife Barrette. Barrette is a French barrette style clip. It is the exact same barrette as our Chef’s Knife Barrette so if you’re a fan of that hair clip, you will wanna nab yourself one of these too. The charm is a buck knife etched with Mr. Ghostface’s mug. The buck knife is cut from plastic so don’t fear the reaper. Who’s There? Large Barrette retails for $28 and is currently available at

Wait…There’s TWO?!

Who’s There? - Small Clip is about half the size of the large barrette AND half the price! Our Who’s There? - Small Clip is available in both left facing and right facing so you can wear a hair clip on each side of your head. Yep, there’s TWO small hair clip variants, but they are sold separately. Each knife points to the left or to the right. Take your pick or buy ‘em both. Either way you’ll have killer style.

Who’s There? - Small Clip are cut from super shiny, buffed plastic. The charms are affixed to  alligator-style hair clips, which are metal. Who’s There? - Small Clip are $14 each and are available at 

“Mmm…corn syrup. Same stuff they used for pigs’ blood in Carrie.”

Feelin’ Woozy Hoops are a bloody bold choice. (Corn Syrup not included.) Get a little fancy for the next horror con in these XL hoops. Extra large hoops are sterling silver. Charms are plastic etched with Mr. Ghostface on the blade. Each charm has a bloody red crystal drop attached to the blade tip by a sterling silver jump ring.


Ghostface with the Mostface


Ghostface is back! If you don’t get this Not in My Movie brooch, it’s gonna get you! Well, no. That’s not how it works. You still have to go to, add our Not In My Movie brooch to cart and checkout. But you get a cute and creepy brooch delivered to your address when you do! 

Not in My Movie brooch is cut from two layer plastic and solid 1/16” plastic. The buck knife is plastic so the only thing you’re gonna be gutting is a cherry tomato. This brooch is approximately the same size as our anatomical heart brooch. Not in My Movie brooch is available now on and retails for $36.

You Should NEVER Say, “Who’s There..”

So you bought the earrings? Get the necklace to match. It’s a no brainer! Wear them together at Texas Frightmare or the next horror convention coming to your town or on a coffee date, or to see the latest horror flick.

Our Buck Knife Necklace is cut from silver tone plastic and the gunmetal brass chain is  approximately 18” long. This necklace retails for $32 and is available at

The Not In My Movie collection is limited edition so get these pieces while you can!

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