Free shipping on US orders! $10 Worldwide! Also....covid-19 stuff ~ read here
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      Here's what we're doing to prevent the spread:

      1. No returns. When you order something, no one has worn or handled that item aside from a disinfected Vinca employee.

      2. We are extra clean when packing. That means using gloves and wearing a mask when picking, packing, and all the way through until the packages are dropped off at the post office. All jewelry is given a pat down with antibacterial spray just before packing as well. We also wash our gloves with soap and water to reuse them as long as possible.

      That's really it! There's nothing to it.

      There is only one singular person packing orders right now, therefore orders are taking a tad longer than usual. You know what they say though! The good things are worth waiting for. 

      We're happy you stopped by! Stay safe, sane, and healthy.

      -The Vinca Gang



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