Materials & Contents

Here's what our products are made with:


Lightning Bolt earrings, ear threaders, and squiggle earrings are made with sterling silver findings

sterling silver posts


 All other stud earrings are made with surgical steel posts (nickel free)




Silver colored: stainless steel
Raw Stainless Steel

Gold colored:  14K Gold plated stainless steel
Gold Plated stainless steel
The base of our accessories are a combination of Baltic birch and acrylic, otherwise known as plastic. 
acrylic accessories

wood accessories


 Silver plated brass silver plated chain
Gold plated brass gold plated chain
Stainless steel snake chain GOLD FILLED CHAIN


All Austrian crystals for that extra glam sparkle!

Crystal Covered Earrings

Examples of crystals:  star-shaped crystals, small black boba tea crystals, tear drop watermelon seed crystals, round tawny brown avocado pit crystals, sparkle heart crystals, heart eyes crystals, orange roe crystals

Did we not answer all your materials questions? Still need more info about what exactly our accessories are comprised of? We'd love to hear from ya! Contact us at with the subject "Materials."

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