This is a living, breathing glossary of all things Vinca! We will provide definitions to our accessories and Vinca-isms. AND you better believe we will be adding to this page on the regular. Think we should add a thing? Drop us a line or five on our contact page and we may add your suggestion.


Acrylic. A fancy-schmancy word for PLASTIC. The majority of our accessories
are cut from various types of acrylic. We could list all of them, but it would
be like that montage in Forrest Gump where Bubba talks about all the shrimp dishes in existence. <3 

 Glitter AcrylicAcrylic: also known as PLASTIC, Plexiglass,
Acrylite and lucite . Glitter acrylic is poured into a large baking sheet, set aside to
solidify and ta-dah! Glitzy, sparkly, amazing-ness ready to be cut!

 mirror acrylic

 Acrylic. Yep, just another word for PLASTIC, Plexiglass, Acrylite and lucite. Now you're getting it! Mirror acrylic is reflective and has a gray backing. Don't try to scratch off or remove that stuff. It's totally normal.


 austin, tx

Austin, TX. The state capital of Texas. This is where are workshop
& storefront are located.

gold filled

Gold filled chain is a vibrant yellow gold tone, 14 k gold filled to be exact. This delicate chain is used on our sloth necklace, fox & tail necklace, tiger & tail necklace and more!

gold plated chain

The links on our gold plated chain are much larger and substantial than the gold filled chain. This brass-based chain is finished in a thin gold layer on top. Gold plated chain can be seen on the Bee Necklace.


gunmetal chain

Our gunmetal-tinged brass chain has a chunkier texture with larger links. This gun-totin' bad boy is seen supporting our Chef’s Knife Floater necklace.

 silver plated chain

These links are not exactly chunky, but compared to their sterling silver counterpart our silver plated chain feels much more hearty. 
 This brass-based chain is finished in a thin silver layer on top of the chain.
We use this chain with our Tea for One necklace.


sterling silver

If delicate, dainty, cool tone links are your bag then this is the chain for you. We pair this chain with our Elements necklaces and Sloth necklaces. 


chef's knife necklace

It’s the design we’re known for. Aubrey Plaza wore our barrette on the red carpet. Our chefs knife barrette was dubbed ICONIC by True facts and we’ll take it! 

endless hoops

You’ll be singing “Endless Love” in the shower the next time you’re sudsin' up.
Just remember to remove these sturdy, sterling silver hoops before you pop behind the curtain. Our endless hoops replaced our original wire hoop with a clasp.

guinea pig subscription box

Sign up for a box full of surprises every month. Inside each box are exclusive items not available any where! Perfect for the collector that wants what nobody else has! Designs are brand-spankin’ new or cut from a new color way. PIG OUT ON VINCA!

mini mystery box

FREE when you spend $35 OR you can just straight up buy a bag at Don't forget to ADD TO CART!

surgical steel posts

These are the earring backs on all of our earrings excluding the XL Lightning Bolts. If you have pierced ears these are the studs for you!

Swarovski Crystals

We use Swarovski crystals sprinkled with space dust to give our pieces a little sumthin’ special. Moon-shaped, star-shaped, and itty-bitty boba-shaped tapioca balls, we use a wide variety of Swarovski crystals to detail our accessories.


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