2015 Gudetama® Collection

Get ready for something Gude®! Gude, meaning the unfertilized egg known as Gudetama®, are ready for their Vinca closeup! Gudetama made it’s Sanrio® debut in 2013. Once we obtained the licensing rights for a few of the Sanrio staple characters we knew we wanted to play with the Gude® next. It’s just too bad, you missed it. This collaboration will go down as my personal favorite (this is KM speaking) officially licensed project. Buckle up, buttercup. 

gudetama bracelet gudetama bracelet on model

Brace (let) Yourselves
Everybody needs a Gude® bracelet. The construction of this piece is astounding. You would have looked sharp in this striking mirror gold and transparent acrylic bracelet. It’s a one-size-fits most bracelet with egg-stra charm that would have sent you scrambling for your wallet, but you missed it!

Gudetama Chopstick earring
gudetama chopstick left
gudetama chopstick left

(Egg) Butt, It’s a Gude Story
We affectionately call these earrings the Gudetama® Chopstick Egg Butt dangle earrings. At least I think we did. The year 2015 was a while ago, but I’m chopstick-ing to that story. These asymmetric earrings feature Gude’s front and backside.  To be completely authentic we cut the chopsticks out of Baltic birch wood. Gudetama® is composed of clear acrylic for the albumen and mirror gold acrylic yolk. 


gudetama egg drop necklace gudetama egg drop necklace on model gudetama necklace

Somethin’ Gude
Our bestselling Sanrio® was undoubtedly the Gudetama® “egg drop” necklace. I am deeply sorry if you didn’t nab one of these. It’s too incredible for words or photos. It’s an attention grabber, a headturner, a statement piece– and it didn’t whisper, it unrelentingly hollered at each and every passerby. This piece was so hot we made a scaled down companion necklace for people that wanted in on the Gude trend, but we’re too sheepish to go all the way. It’s like when you REALLY want micro bangs, but settle on curtain bangs, because you’re too afraid you’ll look like Courteney Cox in Scream 3. And her bangs are everything, okay?!

UGH, You Missed Out
Yeah, we’re not holding back on you missing out on this over-the-top, too-cool-for-school collaboration with Sanrio® and Gudetama®. The Vinca “Ugh” Gudetama® necklace takes one of the beloved egg’s catchphrases and pops it on a floater necklace with a cute Gudetama® charm dangling from the “g”. Ugh, you must be kicking yourself right now. 

gudetama shell earrings gudetama egg shell earrings gudetama shell earrings

Best-shell-ing Gude
Another Vinca bestseller for the year of 2015 were our asymmetrical Gudetama® eggshell earrings. These were so much fun to assemble; like a tiny, adorable puzzle. May I add that these earrings go with everything and are unbelievably lightweight. It’s just too bad that you missed out. These Gudetama® eggshell earrings would have looked so cute with that ensemble you’re wearing.

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