2015 Sanrio Ⓡ Collection Flashback

Here's a little nostalgia for ya! Can you believe it's been nearly SEVEN years since our collaboration with Sanrio Ⓡ?! WHAT?! You didn't know we collaborated with THE Sanrio Ⓡ?  Read on to hear the short version of how the Vinca Ⓡ and Sanrio  Ⓡ partnership kicked off beginning back in 2015. 

Okay, okay. We'll set the stage for you. Let's hop into our little time machine and backpedal to good 'ol 2015. For reference, Post Malone uploaded his debut single on SoundCloud, Jon Stewart quit "The Daily Show," Elizabeth Holmes was named as one of TIME's "100 Most Influential People" and "Avengers: Age of Ultron" kicked off a blockbuster summer.

In 2015 we were still at our humble workshop in Austin's historic Hyde Park. From what I can remember Amanda had connected with a SanrioⓇ representative through a licensing expo. It sounds pretty cut and dry, but Vinca had previously worked on custom projects with the creator of "The Last Unicorn," Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, Wild Turkey Ⓡ Bourbon, Patrón Tequila and New York Public Library just to name a few.  Not to brag, but the Vinca brand has quite a notable list of clientele under our belt. This get didn't happen overnight either. Amanda put in the effort to reach Sanrio Ⓡ and then even more energy in order for us to continue making new designs for the kawaii giant. 

Our first collection for SanrioⓇ was simply called Sanrio Ⓡ 2015. This offering was filled to the gills with classic characters from the Sanrio Ⓡ lineup including Hello Kitty Ⓡ, Chococat Ⓡ, Badtz Maru Ⓡ, Little Twin Star Ⓡ and My Melody Ⓡ. The designs consisted of each characters' head as a stud earring and also each characters' body as an earring. We kept the materials tried and true: mirror gold acrylic, solid Baltic birch wood, solid acrylics and two layer acrylics were used in the construction. Each pair of earrings have an etching of authenticity so you know that these pieces are copyright protected and quality Sanrio items. 

The standout from this debut custom collection was undoubtedly the Hello Kitty Ⓡ inlay bow necklace and earrings. We got super fancy with glitter red acrylic and slick solid black acrylic. It is the essential accent piece for cocktail party attire! In 2015 this set got you noticed and in 2022 it will still get you noticed, but from across the street by your neighbor quarantining in their apartment. Close those curtains, girl! Or don't! This Hello Kitty inlay bow necklace and earring set demands to be seen even if it is Chad from building 12, apartment 3A.


Thanks for taking  trip down memory lane with us and an extra special thanks to everyone that supported this effort with Sanrio Ⓡ. 

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