2015 Sanrio Holiday Capsule

Our officially licensed 2015 Sanrio® Holiday Capsule collection was something special. And you TOTALLY missed it! The next best thing to consoling you right now is describing the collection in great detail. I’m so sorry for your loss. Read on for a warm embrace in the form of descriptive and informative blogging. 

Sanrio Holiday Capsule 2015 Badtz Maru dangle earrings Hello Kitty dangle earrings Little Twin Star dangle earrings My Melody dangle earrings


Hey, hey, hey! The Gang’s All Here!

Gather ‘round. We grabbed just about the entire Sanrio® fam including Badtz Maru®, Hello Kitty®, My Melody®, Little Twin Star®, Chococat®, Pom Pom Purin® and Cinnamoroll®. They’re here to form the coolest charm bracelet you’ve ever seen. Nothing says “holiday” quite like white and transparent iridescent. Am I right? You can physically feel the cold creep up from your toes to your fingertips, which means we did a damn fine job of designing this collection. 

Each character listed above is cut from holographic acrylic and assembled into a divine charm bracelet. We got super fancy and popped each bracelet and earring pair into a limited edition collector’s box. 


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