Care Bear™ Stare! at Our NEW Officially Licensed Collection

Spring is in full swing and that means more NEW and colorful collections to feast your eyes on. We invite you to peruse our officially licensed Care Bear™ collection and treat yourself for goodness sake! You deserve it. AND it's the 35th Anniversary of Care Bears! Now there's even more reason to celebrate and splurge a little.

You may have grown up with Care Bears™ or your older siblings were rabid fans or you have no idea who these bears are, but you just love the striking candy-colors and a mix of textures. What ever category you fall into, we bet this officially licensed Care Bears™ collection is right up your alley. 
All of your favorites are here: Cheer Bear, Grumpy Bear, Share Bear and Lucky Bear! Our Austin, Texas based team designed, cut and assembled each piece you see in this officially licensed collection in our Austin workshop. We are proud to offer you affordable, wearable, pop art-style jewelry that is 100% designed, manufactured and assembled in the U.S. The officially licensed Care Bears™ collection ranges in price from $21.95 to $34.95. 
The colorful palette includes a mixture of acrylics including mirror, glitter and frosted plastics. We used gold plated chain and surgical steel posts as the foundation components of this collection.

We got a huge kick out of producing these pieces for old-school (and new) fans of Care Bears. We hope it leaves a smile on your face. Enjoy!

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