Exclusive Modcloth Custom Valentine's Day Collection

Happy Valentine's Day! We are proud to announce our utterly adorable exclusive Modcloth Valentine's Day three-piece collection. This set of custom Valentine's Day jewelry was designed for Modcloth.com so you won't find it anywhere else!

For this heart-y occasion, team Vinca designed, cut and handmade the aptly named Play Heart to Get Earrings and Necklace, which are both comprised of red glitter acrylic and super shiny solid red acrylic. 
playitbyheartnecklace playitbyheartearrings

Play Heart to Get Earrings and Necklace both retail for $25 at Modcloth.com. 

Our final statement piece for Modcloth's Valentine's Day collection includes the My Love and Confection Earring Set. These conversation candy heart earrings are cut from frosted green acrylic and neon yellow acrylic. You can't get any sweeter than these candy hearts. 

candyhearts candyhearts2
The My Love and Confection Earring Set retails for $25 at Modcloth.com 

You will find all these lovely custom-made pieces only at Modcloth.com

Photos are courtesy of Modcloth.

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