Exclusive Vinca + Cute Nails Collection 2018

Let's take a look back at another collaboration. The year was 1912: think pre-pandemic when life was somewhat manageable, but we were cheerfully below deck preparing the Titanic for its maiden voyage. Well, not exactly, but in hindsight it very much felt that way. In 2018 we began working with another Austin original, Cute Nail Studio, to bring their pastel goth cult aesthetic to life in jewelry form. The end result is a bit of an anomaly. It's sweet, it's NSFW, it's shimmery, it's offensive AF. You're going to love it!

Have You Met Baphomet?
Cute Nail Studio begs the question: "why does Satanism have to be all black & red & scary? Who says it can't be iridescent and adorable?" Their version of big, bad Baphomet is baby Baphie in a sweet pastel color scheme. These XL earrings are cut from mirror pink acrylic and shimmery iridescent acrylic. 

Cute Nail Studio Baby Baphomet Earrings

Perhaps hoops are how you like to show your satanic worship. Crucified Hand Hoops are the ones for you. Each hand charm slides on a single multi-rainbow colored hoop; fingers up and fingers down. 

Cute Nail Studio Crucified Hand Hoops


The fall 2018 Cute Nails collection consists of a few words you wouldn't say around your mother, but maybe she will forgive you when she sees the irresistible iridescent acrylic these babies are cut from. Hey, the world went into lockdown for a bit, anything can happen. So maybe you shouldn’t wear these to the office, but definitely for a night out on the town when you’re feelin’ a bit incendiary.

C-U-N-T- Choker worn around a model's neck. Cute Nail 'CUNT' Necklace in iridescent acrylic
Best Buds
If you've ever had a best friend then you've probably shared one of these with them when you were like eight. Albeit with a more G -friendly design. The Vinca Break Apart Best Buds Necklace Sets are made to snap apart and share with your BFF, ages 18 through 800. Yeah, this one's for the adults. Or just get an adult to buy it for you, kiddos. But don't steal... we're a small business and that would be shi**y of you. 
The Break Apart Best Buds Necklace Sets are cut from mirror acrylic. To distribute and wear, you simply snap the square in half and hand one necklace to your pal. You keep the other necklace. It's as easy as that!
Cut Nail Studio Best Buds Break Apart Necklace

Sweet and Sharp
These knife earrings aren't sharp. They're plastic! They are brushed silver tone acrylic with a pink pearlescent acrylic handle. The "Cute" simplified logo is etched on the brushed silver acrylic section. If you're sweet-natured, but are still brutal enough to cut a bitch, then get these and let 'em all know without having to find out.
Cute Nail Studio Inlay Knife Earrings
Only Happy When it Rains
Ah, Rain Cloud Earrings. These are pretty straightforward. It's a pair of smiley face clouds in solid white acrylic with iridescent rain drops. Super cute and extra large earrings. Why are they smiling? That's for us to know and for you to find out. XL Smiley Cloud with Iridescent Raindrops
Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Piece of Acrylic
Ouija planchettes are IN this season. Is that a factual statement? Maybe, but I did just make it up. But they could be... do you have a crystal ball or a Magic 8 Ball? No? Then you don't know! Ha!
Cute Nail Studios' Cute Ouija Planchette Necklace is cut from iridescent acrylic and attached to a silver plated chain. 
Cute Nail Studio Iridescent Planchette Necklace
2 Cute, 2 Care
Nothing's stopping us now, but this IS the last piece of the collection. If you keep buying these pieces we will keep making them. This final necklace is the simplified version of the Cute Nail Logo. And YOU are cute so you should definitely get one and wear it everyday! Especially on days when you wake up late, take a quick glimpse in the mirror and notice you've got a zit the size of Jupiter on the tip of your beak. Cute Nail Studio Iridescent Necklace
Well, that's it for this collection. All pieces listed are still available for purchase at cutenailstudio.com as of 2/20/2023. If you want them, buy them now. This is a limited collection just like every other collaboration. If you show interest by buying collaborations or officially licensed merchandise, small businesses like ours will be incentivised to continue producing these collections.
It's late and I gotta get off this stack of soapboxes. If you made it this far, thanks for taking a look at our hard work. 

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