Guinea Pig Subscription Box Goes Into Hibernation

Is This the End? 
Yes, folks. It's true. Maybe. July 2021's Guinea Pig Subscription Club will be going on hiatus. While there are technically difficulties to hammer out it is possible to save Bijoux, but we will need strong customer support to continue the club. If there is a significant number of people that want Bijoux back we will create a space for you to sign up and learn more about continuing this project. 

July 2021 Icon
Our last box for the foreseeable future is the eclectic fashion entrepreneur, one-time Greta Garbo lookalike and songstress Gwen Stefani. Expect something in the vein of Harajuku style, a '90s SKA throwback and maybe even Bijoux in a fuzzy blue bikini top. 


Special Thanks to Club Members
THANK YOU to all the people (no love to the bots) reading this. Thanks for your support and interest in this little project that could AND should. While I feel that we just began to hit our stride with the 2021 Icon offerings, the subscription services we have experimented with do not suit our specific needs. It's difficult to process orders with the two services we have tried. Marketing this project has also been a head scratcher. Suffice it to say, we've had a blast designing for this subscription box and suffered spooky-dookie nightmares working out the finer details.

So...What's Next?

Bijoux will spend her hibernation considering if this whole thing is what our customers want, researching subscription platforms and getting her nails done. They are a mess. A MESS!

There's a chance the subscription club may come back, perhaps in another form or fade away and radiate entirely. It's ultimately up to whether we can find an appropriate service and if our customers are interested in subscription services. Again, we need strong support and feedback from our customers to resume the subscription club. 

Bijoux's Beginnings

The subscription box, now club, idea began in the fall of 2018. The Guinea Pig Subscription Box made its debut in December 2018. Why guinea pig? We're testing out new materials, findings, designs and types of goods that we offer. It gives us a chance to stretch our design legs to the point of straining them into noodles and churn out one-of-a-kind, head spinning designs. You're getting exclusive, experimental content at a steal. 

Past items have included a TINY(!) tick-tack-toe game, an Eartha Kitt/Catwoman-influenced drink coaster and a mini Yayoi Kusama-esque Infinity Room. And yeah. Ya missed it all!

Last Chance for Subscription-mance(?)

You have until June 20th, 2021 to purchase July 2021's Gwen Stefani box. We plan on having a Subscription Box Singletons Show on PopShop Live some time in August. That's where we sell the remaining leftovers from past Guinea Pig Subscription Club boxes. You can download the PopShop Live App on your mobile device to join us and snag some accessories or you can watch strangers buy all the accessories you want from your desk top. That's still fun, right? 

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