Hang In There! Earring Organizers

Vinca Earring Rack

Are you a jewelry collector in need of a cute lil' rack to hang all of your Vinca earrings, large and small? Now you can buy THE cutest lil' earring organizer to fill with all of your Vinca earrings. 

Each Hang in There! Adorable Dresser Top Earring Organizer comes with eight hangers and a sweet mini hand mirror. Did you know there are four styles of our earring organizers to choose from?

The O.G. 
First up is our classic and anything, but basic earring organizer. The base is cut from mirror acrylic with our logo etched in the center. The crystal clear rod is also acrylic. This style contains eight clear coat hanger-style hangers and a small princess hand mirror. 
common coat hanger
Holy smokes, That's a Cute Hanger
It's an angelic take on the original hanger. If it ain't broke, why fix it? The base is the same as the classic organizer, but angel wing hangers are subbed for the coat hanger-style hangers. Angel wing hangers are cut from solid white acrylic. You still get eight hangers to hang your jewelry on along with a lil' princess hand mirror. 
angel wing hanger
Every Cloud has a (Mirror) Silver Lining
The third style of hangers Amanda dreamed up are the cloud hangers. This organizer features the standard in mirror silver base with clear rod. Only $48 for eight solid white acrylic cloud hangers, princess hand mirror and a vanity earring organizer? Oh, for crying out cloud. That's a great deal! 
Cloud hanger jewelry organizer
Bat's Incredible!
Our fourth and final jewelry organizer is, if I'm being honest, kinda my favorite. Yes, we make a coffin jewelry organizer with bat hangers! It's for all you goths, lovers of the bats under the Congress Avenue Bridge and everyone in between. We dare ya to dangle your hardware on these bad boys. 
Our coffin rack is cut from solid black glossy acrylic. The Vinca logo is etched dead center of the coffin with a crystal clear rod. You also get eight solid black bat hangers with line etch detail and a tiny princess mirror so you can declare yourself king princess of the underworld!

Vinca Coffin Organizer with Bat Hangers 
Vinca Coffin Jewelry Organizer with Bat Hangers filled with earrings
Just Hanging Around for MOAR
But wait. There's more! If you ever find yourself in need extra hangers for your earrings and other jewelry we do sell them in packs of four. You can find those here

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