It's Time for the 2024 Annual Clearance!


Our shop is very small, only 725 square feet! Everything is organized in little ziplock bags in little clear bins and it takes a whole day to count everything to make sure the inventory is correct. Every year we painstakingly count inventory, read reports, and assess what designs we need to let go.

Once all the counting is done, we have to decide what designs to let go. Some designs we give years before finally deciding to let them go. It could be that a material got discontinued, or maybe a particular design is a little too tricky to make. Sometimes we are tired of looking at it, or other times it simply doesn't sell very often. Creating something new is a lot of work and we have a really hard time pulling designs from our offerings. We used to have over 300 active styles at once, but it's just too overwhelming to keep track of. 

So once a year, we gather up all the designs that didn't do so well the year before, kiss them on their foreheads, put them on sale and let them go.

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