New Summer Styles!

Summertime is officially in full swing and we have launched some sizzling new accessories for the occasion! There's something for everyone to keep cool this season. 

Our Supersize Collection has a major summer boost thanks in part to our XL Watermelon earrings and XL Bomb Pop earrings. Both pieces feature multi-colors of acrylic that are freakishly realistic. 

xl watermelon earrings

I'm mean look at that Swarovski crystal seed detail and pearl red watermelon flesh!

A creamy-textured pearl white acrylic is sandwiched between two glittery red and blue popsicle sections with a birch wood base standing in as the popsicle stick. Too fun and too cute! Perf for Independence Day or any summer event where you're desperately seeking compliments. We kid. But seriously. We took these for a test spin and like, twelve people tried to buy these off of us. That let us know that we had a surefire winner on our paws. 

avocado earring on model
Abstract avocados. Summer fruit. Y'know, when it's too hot to cook so you make guac...that's just us? Well okay then. You might not be keen on our culinary efforts, but you're gonna love these avocado stud earrings. Itty bitty avocados cut in half to show off the topaz-colored Swarovski crystal pit. Darling.

Neon pink sparkle heart emojis are the way to anyone's heart. Sounds super duper corny, but it's true. These sweet things are approximately .5" wide so they're aren't alarmingly big, but large enough that people will notice a sparkly sheen coming from your direction. 
extra large snow cone necklace
The Snow Cone necklace is perfect for hot summer days or nights. Why have one flavor of syrup when you can have three? Lemon lime, strawberry red and blueberry glitter ice make one cool combo.

mermaid scales necklace
Mermaid Scales necklaces! We're now offering our popular Mermaid Scale Necklaces in mirror gold acrylic AND super pretty Rose Quartz acrylic. Classic statement pieces available only for the summer so snare them now while ya can!

You can't go wrong with any of these latest editions to the Vinca lineup. Summer's gonna be a blast! What ever you do and where ever you go, have fun and be safe this season!

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