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Hey gang! Covid derailed our storefront opening and made commerce disappear. With the aspect of our small business dying we had to come up with a plan and come up with it quick. Our friends at RoboRoku threw us a pool floaty in the shape of a bright neon lightning bolt (that's PopShop Live) and thus helped us reach a whole new audience. 

So what is PopShop Live?

Popshop live is a super fun platform to meet with us LIVE and shop online!
First thing's first, DOWNLOAD the app on your phone or tablet. Select our profile to see our upcoming streaming shows and make sure you add us to your watchlist so you don't miss our shows. Use our seller code: WEIRDO to access our shows. 
You can interact with us by typing out salutations, comments or questions. If you ever wanted to meet the TWO people, yes--TWO people, behind Vinca now is your chance. We can't wait to meet you-- the people we make this silly stuff for!

What will you see from Vinca?
Get all the details of our latest collection, design processes, LIVE custom design + cutting and all the awkward pauses you can take. You can purchase selected items showcased during the themed show or request the items you wanna buy. Just let us know in the comments and we will list them LIVE on the show. Stop on by our next streaming showcase and give it a whirl. The durations of the shows vary, but our merchandise showcases/guest shows last about an hour 30 minutes while custom shows clock in around 3 hours to accommodate the consultation, design and cutting process. 
BONUS: we also giveaway mini mystery bags during the shows.

What is a typical PopShop Live Show like?
You'll stumble down the rabbit hole to meet us host/Vinca owner/lead designer & operator Amanda and producer/Vinca renaissance squirrel KM. We usually stream LIVE from our HQ in Austin, TX. Occasionally we wander off yonder outdoors if the weather permits and it's not hailing mosquitos. 
What kinds of PopShop Live shows does Vinca do?

NEW Items Showcase
Our standard PopShop Live showcases include our NEW items including our Halloween 2021 collection, The Eerie-sistible Collection. That's right! PopShop Live views get first dibs on new Vinca items.

Custom Design Shows
This show theme is wild, y'all. We've designed an entire collection LIVE from design to prototype in our studio. We've also taken design requests from PopShop Live viewers and manufactured the designs live in our studio. You can purchase a custom design ticket during these Custom Shows and we will work on your request during the show. Custom design requests are only offered during these showcases so make sure you add us to your watchlist.

Words By Vinca Show
Our Words Show are super fun and have a frantic energy, BUT keep cool my babies, everything is gonna be alright. Choose a font from our pre-selected listing and decide on your favorite word, ten letters or less. We can pop your word on a necklace, alligator clip or pin. We've even made adjustable letter rings. 

We also bring in guests, talk shop, gab about small business life, answer your burning questions, giveaway mini mystery bags and offer a showcase of merchandise (NEW, rare, discontinued, prototype, custom). PopShop Live viewers get the first look at new designs, custom design offerings, and a behind the scenes look at Vinca HQ. 

You can see upcoming shows here:



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