How to Style a Brooch

Woman wears a black and white jumpsuit with Vinca's Heart of Aghast Brooch.
Take a stab at styling our Heart of Aghast Brooch. (Yeah, it's unisex if you refer to it as a pin or lapel pin.) If you heart all things ghoulish, gory and gruesome take a look at our styling suggestions for this show-stopping statement piece. How do you style your Vinca Heart of Aghast brooch? Let us know if the comments!

Brooch-ing the Subject
Here's a little history on the Heart of Aghast Brooch. The name for this piece was inspired by the Blondie song, "Heart of Glass." We were simultaneously  working on the Debbie Harry Guinea Pig Box while making prototypes for spooky season and listening to a whole lotta of Blondie. If you were following us back in our subscription box daze, that puts this brooch's birthday around June 2021. The Heart of Aghast brooch was conceived before we had a TikTok account, which was instrumental in the surge of popularity of this particular piece. 

How It's Made (but not really, because trade secrets!)
Yes, we make these in our workshop/mini-storefront in Austin, TX. Amanda designs everything and KM (ME!) cuts and helps lead a small team to assemble everything. We also ship everything from our shop too. Is there nothing we can't do?! 
Our Heart of Aghast brooches take about two to three business days to make, assemble and package. Day one, KM cuts everything. Some parts need peeling. Next, base and mid-section parts are adhered to each other and must rest for about six hours to cure before the frosted red anatomical heart charms are added. The next day the tiny knives are cut and must be thoroughly cleaned. Our team hand cuts all the chain for the brooches with a big honkin' pair of nippers and a handy-dandy jig that Amanda designed. At this point, it's all hands on deck as we form an assembly line and assemble, perform a quality control check and package.

Back on topic, please! Okay. So now you know how we make our brooches (kind of) let's get to the matter at hand--and waistband, hat, scarf, backpack and bolo.
Woman in a black and white top wears and Vinca's anatomical heart bolo tie with chef's knife accent.
The Heart of Aghast Brooch stands front and center as a bolo tie pinned between a collar. 

Anatomical heart pin paired with a black and white skull scarf around a woman's neck

Show that you've got a flair for the dramatic by pinning your Heart of Aghast Brooch on either side of your lapel. 

Vinca's Heart of Aghast Brooch pinned to waistband of suit.

Anatomical Heart brooch pinned to belt.

Suffering from Bland Belt Syndrome? Pin your brooch to your waistband to make a killer statement.

Anatomical heart pin on wide brimmed hat
Take a basic hat to a "WHERE did you get that?!" status by popping this radical brooch on it. 

Anatomical heart brooch on a black backpack

A bag is a fantastic foundation to personalize. Add our Heart of Aghast Brooch to a tote, backpack, book bag or bug out bag. 

You can purchase our Heart of Aghast Brooch HERE. Try any of these ways of styling your brooch. Tell us in the comments how you style yours or which style is your favorite. 

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