Valentine's Day Collection 2023

Love is a year ‘round thing for us. So is Halloween, which is why we continue to sell some holiday merch all year long. Valentine’s Day has come and gone for 2023, but just in case you wanted to catalog the entire works of Vinca– here’s what we had cooked up for the sportive holiday. As of July 2023, you can still buy some of these for your honey, or more importantly, yourself. Get them while you can!

Don’t Knock on My Door, Love is Dead
First up is my personal favorite. The Love is Dead Doorknocker earrings in solid red. A classic choice for those that want everyone in the office to know their marital status. These bad boys are BIG. The mirror gold is so blindingly bright it will impair motorists during rush hour traffic. If you’re ever lost and you’re wearing these just shake your head from side to side. The light illuminated from these earrings will issue an SOS.
Love Is Dead Earrings--Solid Red Love is Dead--solid pink

Locky in Love
This one is for those Parisian lovebirds. This style was inspired by the “love locks” that people would secure to a fence along a Parisian bridge that was supposed to symbolize everlasting love and commitment. Since then the fence has been removed, but much like evil. Love never dies. These sweeties are delicate and were available in two varieties: ear threaders and studs.
We also designed a super chunky and EXTRA large lock earring in the style of the extra large lighting bolts. Attempt to choose between crystal clear, transparent pink and glitter gold.
XL Chunky Locky in Love Earrings in Clear Chunky Locky in Love earrings in Glitter GoldChunky Locky in Love Earrings in transparent pink

Mush Love For Ya
Who knew mushrooms would be a thing in this decade? This fad grew on me too (insert laugh track here). We modified our standard mushroom stud earring to be slightly bigger and the spots for tiny hearts. Mushaboom.
Mush Love earrings
This Heart’s on Fire
No. THESE are probably my favorite on the Valentine’s 2023 collection. Love ‘ala Flambe is just a slick looking earring. If you’re a pastel goth, you’re probably gonna like the pale pearl pink heart with a glitter hologram/iridescent flame. If you’re a regular goth, you’re definitely gonna go for the original version with a solid black heart, transparent pink/mirror gold flame. Pick your poison.
Love ala Flambe Earrings --pastel Love ala Flambe Earring --Dark

Heart Melt
When your heart is gushing with a surplus of love you get this earring. This earring is simplicity at its finest. A solid gold heart on a blood red drip. If a simple statement earring is what you’re looking for; you can’t get any better than this.
Heart Melt Earrings 1 Heart Melt Earrings 2

If bigger isn’t better for you then I suggest that you try these on for size. Our Heartburn earrings are like a little cousin of the Love ala Flambe earrings. Choose your favorite color combo and get ready to get incendiary. 
HeartBurn Earrings in red Heartburn in pastel
Love is a Void
We love a sweet lil' domesticated black panther! If you’ve ever had a jet black kitty then you know the joy of having a fuzzy little shadow follow you everywhere. These earrings are a sweet nod to those misunderstood felines.  
Love is a Void dangle earrings Love is a Void dangle earrings 2

Thorn-y for You
Roses are a Valentine’s Day staple, but quickly wither away. Get some roses that will last forever! We love the little blood drop on the tip of the thorn. A reminder to pick a winner and don’t get pricked. 
Thorny for You Earring

Gold Bloody Hell Knife Hoops
If you prefer gold tone jewelry then you’re gonna see a bunch of lil’ cartoon hearts when you lay your peepers upon these hoops. Our regular silver tone Bloody Knife Hoops were so popular we decided to make a gold tone variant for a limited time only! 
Bloody Hell Knife Hoops in gold tone

Love Never Eyes Earrings
A bit of Dada, a bit of drama; these eyes remind me of Man Ray's Glass Tears. Make like Man and wear these post breakup, pre-revenge! These were surprisingly popular this season, which is why they're STILL available so snatch them up now!

Love Never Eyes Earrings in mirror gold Love Never Eyes Earrings in solid red
he good news? You can still buy a few of the styles listed above! Before you know it it will also be Valentine's Day again. So don't get your heart-printed pantaloons in a bunch if you missed out on any of these pieces. We will see you for the next holiday!

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