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Vinca Gift Guide 2018

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'Tis the season! We've got new stuff and classic stuff that would make great stuff to stuff some stockings. OR just another late night, boozy, online shopping sesh and opportunity to randomly surprise yourself. It's been a rough year. We won't judge you. 

Amanda's Gift Picks
Do you have a picky person on your gift list? Have no fear! Vinca Gift Guide is here! Amanda's Gift Picks include our 1" Tiny Chef's Knife Earrings, XL Cherry Earrings ($34) and our NEW Guinea Pig Subscription Box ($35 per box). December's box already went out, but you can subscribe to 2019's upcoming boxes. 
1" Tiny Chef's Knife Earrings, $18
XL Cherry Earrings, $34
NEW Guinea Pig Subscription Box, $35 per box
Kristin's Gift Picks
👽You're being invaded by Vinca's Gift Guide!👽Kristin's Gift Picks tell a story. Ms. Extraterrestrial Claus is comin' to town! This lil' alien lady doesn't ride a sleigh, she drives a spaceship. She munches on milk & cookies and rescues abandoned fur babies to take back to her home planet to snuggle.
NEW Milk and Cookie earrings, $18
UFO Earrings, $18
XL Toe Bean Earrings, $39
Megan's Gift Picks
👽Vinca's Gift Guide is back with more intergalactic and 🐶animal-themed accessories! What can we say? We ❤️ Space. Megan's Gift Picks include the Alien Pizza Abduction Post Dangle Earrings, the NEW Astronaut & Shuttle Collar Clips, and the NEW Corgi & Ball Necklace.
Alien Pizza Abduction Post Dangle Earrings, 28
NEW Astronaut & Shuttle Collar Clips, $36
NEW Corgi & Ball Necklace, $32

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