Vinca + Monster Girl Brigade Earring Collaboration

Devil Kitties
Devil Kitties, Round 2: $44 a pair

Monster Girl Brigade
Does Art

This project was a real treat! It always is when we get to help a pal translate their work into wearable art. We met (Ah, remember going to places and meeting new people face-to-face?!) Monster Girl Brigade aka Jessica Ballengee when she was going by the moniker Weasel Does Art. Her vividly imaginative swamp monsters, Satan-worshipping nuns and knife-wielding opossums put a smirk on our sweaty faces when we met her showcasing her prints and paintings at 2019's West Austin Studio Tour. Jess had us at, "Burn Bright Bitch & Burn Them Down." We are utterly smitten with her illustrations and think you will be too. 
Monster Girl Brigade sketches

Monster Girl Brigade  + Vinca
Monster Girl Brigade's  + Vinca's  brand spankin' new project is just the right amount of kitschy---cute to make even the most malicious monster's black heart melt into a puddle of toxic goo. Junk food, ghost kitties and swamp monsters are bonafide staples in the Monster Girl Brigade lexicon. The Monster Girl Brigade + Vinca collection is fit for people with an affinity for alternative styles. Anyone that favors big, bold, creepy-cool vibes should wear these earrings! 
swamp girl

Swamp Girl Earrings, Round 2: $44 a pair

How to Make a Monster

Team Vinca chose premium materials in a stunning array of pearl-accented seasick creature green, sourpuss yellow, and frankfurter bronze. Glitter red stands in as a perfect facsimile for the tiny achenes or OVARIES (Who knew strawberries had ovaries?!) of a strawberry. You will also find Baltic birch wood in the mix along with solid colored plastics, frosted plastic, and two layer acrylics. Acrylic paint, silver plated jump rings and surgical steel posts round out the fine details we use in Vinca's standard line. Nothing, but quality findings at an affordable price point. 
Angry Lettuce Earrings
Angry Lettuce Earrings, Round 2:  $44 a pair

Snatch 'Em Up!
You can sink your teeth into these exclusive designs only online at Monster Girl Brigade's website . Don't dilly-dally! The first round of earrings retail for $39, the second round will go up to $44 a pair and will only go up in price from there.
Oops! Dr. Seuss infiltrated our brains for a second. But seriously, if you can support small businesses, you totally should. It will clear your complexion, make your eyes twinkle and you will have bolstered some hardworking ladies in the art community. 

monster girl brigade
From Upper Left:
Hot Dog Earrings, Round 2: $44; Kitty Ghosts, Round 2: $44,
Center: Eyes Eyes Eyes Earring Set (3 Pairs of Earrings!) Round 2: $30
Peanut Earrings, Round 1: $39, 
Vampire Strawberries, Round 2: $44

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