Vinca + Museum of Ice Cream Animal Cracker Earrings and Necklace

We've been working hard this spring on a set of new designs for the Museum of Ice Cream! It's collaboration number four (Or maybe five? We've lost count.😬) with the best little confectionery museum in the U.S. This custom project may be our favorite one yet. You can only get these Animal Cracker jewelry pieces at the Museum of Ice Cream so plan a visit tout suite! 

Our Animal Cracker Earrings are cut from various plastics including solid white, solid neon yellow, glitter hologram, solid pink and solid turquoise acrylic.These (party) animal crackers are attached to a surgical steel post. Expect some extra fun with these XL showstopping earrings. These party favors are not for the timid!

Totally biased opinion, BUT our Animal Cracker Necklace is utterly adorable. Pair it with a summer dress and you've got a pretty sweet look goin' on. The Animal Cracker Necklace is a whimsical number composed of various plastics, gold plated chain and gold plated jump rings. The Vinca signature flower hang tag dangles from the back clasp of the necklace. 

The Vinca + Museum of Ice Cream Animal Cracker collaboration is only available at the Museum of Ice Cream. 

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