Witch Visions Collab--Summer 2021

Let’s hop in our time machine and go back to the summer of 2021.
Pop on your baby pink hat, hop your pearl-handled broom and zoom to the moon for a pastel goth aesthetic fit for a...pastel goth or anyone that loves a sweet, colorful aesthetic! Our next partnership is with Taylor aka Witch Visions. The Ohio-based artist created the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for her series of bags, wallets and pins. Due to overwhelming response to the ita accessories, additional stretch goal merchandise in the form of mini backpacks, sticker packs, mini pins, earrings, key chains, pocket mirrors, pop sockets and berets have been added to the Kickstarter. All merchandise centers around her popular Crystal Ball design. 


Crystal Ball Predicts Success

Taylor quickly reached her goal of $1200. She added stretch goals and threw in some pretty-in-pink (and also jet black) incentives to sweeten the cauldron. "Yay" for puns! When Witch Visions hit the $39k mark, we were summoned for laser cutting duties. We took the witch-y concept designs and translated Taylor's work into some pretty sweet Kickstarter bonuses, if we do say so ourselves.

Witch Visions rainbow keychains


How to Make a Rainbow…or Nineteen

Our work consisted of manufacturing three styles of inlay post dangle earrings and in two different colorways. We also cut and assembled three styles of key chains in the same two colorways. Color option one is dark rainbow; a color scheme ranging in black, glitter royal blue, pearlescent powder blue violet and soft pink. Color option two is an Easter-y pastel rainbow color scheme that involves soft colors including pale pink, pearlescent apricot, frosted yellow, frosted kiwi green, pearlescent powder blue and frosted lavender.

All earrings and keychains are cut from various plastics. Each piece contains abundant inlay detail and many hours of workmanship to pull off. Imagine putting together HUNDREDS of little puzzles. 

After the “little puzzles” dry it’s time for some hardware! Patrons had the option of selecting surgical steel posts or adding fish hooks for no additional cost. Silver plated brass keychains were attached to dark rainbow styles and gold plated brass keychains were attached to pastel rainbow styles. 

Witch Visions rainbow earrings


It's Rainin' Bows!

We kicked into high production in July of 2021 and successfully fulfilled the items for Witch Visions’ Kickstarter campaign. No, we don’t have any leftovers. No, we won’t be making any more of these keychains or earrings in either colorways. These designs are property of Witch Vison’s aka Taylor. Give her a follow on Instagram and buy her wares at www.witchvisions.com.

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