April 2019 Guinea Pig Subscription Box

April 2019

If you're thinking purple rain is perfect for April, we would have to agree. It's also Easter time so XL bunny earrings were mandatory. Bijoux the Guinea Pig follows suit with the purple and yellow color scheme. 

Our purple rain necklace is a tribute to the Purple One. And yes we're being coy, because we don't enjoy cease and desist letters in the mail. Even if those cease and desist letters are written on cute purple stationary. Anyway, a little glittery purple raindrops never hurt anyone when you cover yourself in an adorable mirror purple umbrella with a neon yellow handle. 

Here's a sweet pin for your lapel. April showers bring May flowers. Bijoux the Guinea Pig is ready for spring. She's cut from two layer purple/white acrylic with a white daisy (with a Swarovski citrine crystal) behind her ear. 

We promised bunnies! It's Easter and while we're not into the sulfur-like smell of hard-boiled eggs (or...nevermind), we do like rabbits, especially if they're solid dark chocolate. However, these extra large bunny earrings are made from pearl white acrylic, filled with metallic copper acrylic paint and topped with a fluffy, white pom pom ball tail.

Deadline for May 2019's Guinea Pig Subscription Box is April 15th. 

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