Elissa Marie X VINCA Mini Collab

It’s SpOoKy season! While this haunting ethereal NEW collaboration between us and Austin artist Elissa Marie won’t scare you stiff, it should certainly inspire awe and enchantment. Ghoul gonna be totally smitten with both the Sky Puppy Bat Earrings and Scaredy Cat Ghostie Earrings no matter what time of the year. Fly or float on over to elissamariecreative.com to buy her artwork and the Elissa Marie X VINCA Mini collaboration.

Hang In There Art Print Inspires Sky Puppy Bat Earrings

Elissa Marie's Sky Hang In There art printElissa Marie's original Hang In There art print
 Elissa Marie wears the Sky Puppy dangle earrings.Elissa Marie wears the Sky Puppy Bat earrings for scale 


Sky Puppy earrings dangle from a tree branch. An extreme close-up of the Sky Puppy Bat Earrings 

Elissa chose her Hang In There illustration for us to transpose into a pair of sleek and stunning hook earrings for her Wicked Woods collection. We etched Elissa’s design on frosted matte black plastic and cut a crescent moon charm from transparent iridescent acrylic to anchor the exquisite piece. You’ll go positively batty for these beauties. For more details including product size and to purchase the Sky Puppy Bat Earrings from Elissa visit her website at elissamariecreative.com.



Purr-a-normal Scaredy Cat Ghostie Earrings

Elissa Marie's Scaredy Cat art print
Elissa Marie's original Scaredy Cat design
Elissa Marie models the Scaredy Cat Ghostie earrings.
Scaredy Cat Ghostie Earrings for scale
A handful of Scaredy Cat Ghostie earrings in the palm of a hand.
The Vinca gang makin' the Scaredy Cat Ghostie Earrings

Maybe the paranormal is more your aesthetic? Do you like your ghosts to go “mew” in the night? Who wouldn’t?! These Scaredy Cat Ghostie earrings from Elissa's Wicked Woods collection are the ones for you. We converted Elissa’s original Scaredy Cat design to a set of bewitching silver plated, fish hook style earrings with transparent iridescent and transparent orange plastics. Psh, psh, psh…as if you needed more cool facts to buy these guys, the adorable jack-o-lantern pail glows under black light, kittens! What are ya waiting for?!

To purchase these earrings and Elissa Marie’s are art elissamariecreative.com.

Photos courtesy of Elissa Marie
Scaredy Cat Ghostie hand bundle by Vinca

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