Fun Stuff: Ice Cream Rose Tutorial

While we would love to spend our days designing, assembling and laser-cutting all day and all night, you've gotta have hobbies. This is one of them. Welcome to our YouTube channel where we will be bringing you a behind the scenes look at our Austin, TX headquarters and all the traditional office stuff that we do, from making ice cream roses to laser-cutting poo. 

We like to make a mess around here and this project was no exception. This week we make a grand attempt at making ice cream roses. Spoiler alert: It all goes awry, but that's okay. Just throw a handful of sprinkles and edible glitter on it and all is well!

What non-jewelry-making projects would you like to see us take a stab at? Sound off in the comments. P.S. We like food projects. We like them a lot.

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