Guess Who Wore Our Flamingos and XL Cherry Earrings Too!

It's was Drew!
Drew Barrymore was seen on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah wearing Vinca's Flamingo earrings on March 22, 2018. Below Ms. Barrymore is photographed ready to mix and "flamingle" with a crowd of fans outside of The Daily Show


Photo courtesy Backgrid- The Celebrity News Agency

Drew was also seen wearing our XL Cherry Earrings during a demo of her Flower cosmetics line and a meeting. 

Photo courtesy of Trina Chan, Museum of Ice Cream- LA

You can find the XL Cherry Earrings at the Museum of Ice Cream in LA and the Flamingo Earrings at The Museum of Ice Cream in Miami.  
Thanks for the love Drew!

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  • Danie Drewery I knew they looked familiar in this short she did for Glamour.

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