New for Summer 2022

It’s officially summer! This totally random collection was made with one thing in mind: hot new jewelry pieces to wear on hot summer nights. With that said– you can wear it any time, anywhere, day or night, but especially under black light! And while this collection isn’t necessarily summer-themed, you’re gonna do a double take just like Paul Rudd does at the end of Wet Hot American Summer when you see what we have in store for you.

Did you know you can now shop by color at If you’re shopping with a color preference in mind, select your color of choice in the column located on the left and those items will automatically populate for you. It’s as easy as that! 

It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green 

Green Matcha Boba Tea Earrings with crystals on a person's ear

Neon green frog earring on an ear surrounded by orange hair.

Neon Frog & Mushroom Earrings glowing under black light.

Is glorious green your thing? Do you hoard toads all up in your abode? Does your jewelry box have matcha room for these matcha boba tea earrings?! Drink it all in, get your behind online and stock up on these fresh green things!
We used a combination of green acrylics including pearl green and neon green plastic. Our mushrooms are cut from transparent neon pink, which glows under black light, and frosted red plastic for a softer, diffused look. Shop our new random collection for more details including, jewelry measurements and price listing.

Good as Gold
Mirror gold cowboy hat earrings on an ear surrounded by orange hair.
Mirror gold rattlesnake fish hook earring on a white background.
XL Mirror gold rattlesnake earrings with a frosted rattle accent.

Boy, howdy! Yes, we’re an Austin based business. Yes, there’s snakes and even BIGGER snakes here hiding under rocks, but I’ve never met anyone that exclaimed “Yeehaw!” and then jumped from a moving van with a cut brake line.
If you like your ten gallon hats tiny and your snakes available in two sizes then you may find this rootin’ tootin’ Texas collection as good as gold. 

Bold in Black

Boston Terrier dog head earrings with a bone dangling from its mouth.

XL Grackle fish hook earrings with crystals on a white background.

3" Chef's Knife Barrette on the right side of model's head.

Would Johnny Cash aka the Man In Black like this collection? I don’t know, but I do know that if you’re a sucker for animals (boston terriers, grackles), animal-themed clocks (extra small cat clocks) and sleek, smaller knife barrettes then you’ll definitely appreciate these stunners.
We used two layer plastic and shiny solid black plastic to create this feast for your ears and your hairs!

ALL The Colors!

Transparent neon Shroom to Grow mushroom fish hook earrings glowing under black light.

Neon Cowboy earrings glowing under black light.

Transparent iridescent Space Cowboy Boot

Here’s one for all you colorful characters. This is the mini collection for you if  you prefer your fish hook earrings big, bold and all the colors of the rainbow. Shimmer in the new space cowboy boot color variant transparent iridescent. Literally glow when you walk into a very dark room equipped with black light and while wearing the  Shroom to Glow or Neon Cowboy earrings. 

All earrings are cut from plastic and are secured to a silver plated brass fish hook style earring.

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