Random Release #3

Do you like NEW stuff? Do you like NEW, RANDOM stuff? Well, you're going to love this third Random Release. It's all over the map. MOAR junk food, dinos, dogs, planets and pencils can be found in this oddball collection.


Milk and Cookie Post Dangle Earrings

Milk and Cookie Dangle Earrings are totally swinging! We added chocolate chip Swarovski crystals on a birch wood cookie. The sweet lil' milk cartons are cut from two layer blue and white acrylic. The charms are connected by a silver plated jump ring and attached to a surgical steel post. Earrings are approximately .84" x 2.1". Milk and Cookie Post Dangle Earrings, $22

milk and cookie earringsIf you like your earrings smaller and just as cute as the post dangle version then these Milk and Cookie stud earrings are the right delight for you. These are plain cookies, i.e. no Swarovski crystals. Cookie charm is cut from birch wood and the milk carton charm is cut from two layer blue and white acrylic (plastic). Milk and Cookie Earrings are approximately .45" x .61" and .5" x .51".
Milk and Cookie Earrings, $18
pink milk and cookie earringsPink milk! Strawberry milk! Whatever you want to call it, this is for people who like things a little different. Milk carton earring measures approximately .45" x .61" and the cookie earring measures .5" x .51". Milk carton is cut from two layer pink and white acrylic. Cookie is cut from birch wood. Earrings are attached to a surgical steel posts. Pink Milk and Cookie Earrings, $18
8-Bit Dinosaur
Internet down! Internet down! We have an earring for just about every situation. You've seen this 8-bit dinosaur when Google Chrome has flaked out and you're forced to do paperwork. Or nix the paperwork and just play the 8-bit dinosaur game. Our 8-Bit Dinosaur earrings are cut from pearl gray acrylic and are affixed to surgical steel posts. 8-Bit Dinosaurs are approximately .6" x .6".
8-Bit Dinosaur Earrings, $18
XL Cotton Candy Earrings
A sweet treat for your ears is here! These XL Cotton Candy Earrings are super fun and sparkly sweet. XL Cotton Candy Earrings are cut from shimmery pearl pink acrylic with a solid white base and attached to surgical steel posts. We then top the whole thing off with a Swarovski aurora borealis star crystal to make it extra adorable. Our XL Cotton Candy Earrings are approximately .89" x 2.2".
XL Cotton Candy Earrings, $39
XL Pencil Earrings
We're takin' you back to school, fools! Or is it the mini golf course? Or wherever you fancy that has mini pencils that just so happen to be XL Pencil Earrings. These XL Pencil Earrings are perfect for teachers, students or mini golf enthusiasts. XL Pencil Earrings are approximately .56" x 2.22" and are secured to surgical steel posts. Earrings are cut from multiple materials including birch wood, yellow acrylic, neon pink acrylic and mirror silver acrylic.
XL Pencil Earrings, $34
XL Black Toe Beans
MORE TOE BEANS! Yeah, we now pink toe beans with black fur is a rarity, but so what? Who cares?! It's super cute. Just go with it! Our XL Toe Bean Earrings are now available in frosted black acrylic with pearl pink acrylic tootsies! These earrings are sold as a pair. XL Black Toe Beans measure approximately  .95"x 1.45".
XL Black Toe Bean Earrings, $39
Pug Necklace
Out by popular demand, may we present our NEW Pug Necklace! Who doesn't love these bug-faced critters? We recommend our Pug Necklace for your coworker that has their cubicle wallpapered with photos of their pug Percy. (We're talking about you, Debbie!) Pug Necklace charm is approximately .97" x .67" and cut from birch wood. We then assembled the charm on to a 16" long silver plated brass chain.
Pug Necklace, $30
Saturn and Star Necklace
This sparkling combo is sure to blast your style in to the stratosphere! A great gift for astronomy aficionados or just someone that likes a little sparkle. Our classic Saturn charm is cut from super shiny mirror gold acrylic and attached to a transparent clear glitter gold stardust acrylic with a 16" long . Phew! Charms are approximately 1.5" x .66" (Saturn) and .8" x .6" (star).
Saturn and Star Necklace, $32

Corgi and Ball Necklace
Short, stocky and ready for fun! Our Corgi and Ball Necklace is just the statement piece that the dog lover in your life will love. Our adorable birch wood Corgi charm is nestled between an 16" long silver plated chain and connected by silver plated jump rings to a frosted transparent yellow acrylic tennis ball charm. Charms are approximately 1.5" x .74" (corgi) and .58" x .4" (ball).
Corgi and Ball Necklace, $32
Meow Necklace

ME-OW! Here's a sweet little number for the Cat Lady that's got everything. "Meow" is set in a slick retro font and cut from mirror gold acrylic and attached to a 16" gold plated brass chain. Meow charm is approximately 1.6" x .6".
Meow Necklace, $30

Poltergeist Necklace
"They're here!" Our Poltergeist TV Necklace was inspired from one of our favorite classic horror movies. A great choice for the film freak on your gift list. The Poltergeist TV Necklace is cut from solid black and mirror silver acrylic. Poltergeist TV charm is affixed to a 16" long silver plated chain with silver plated jump rings. Charm is approximately 1.5" x 1.6". Poltergeist Necklace, $34

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