Sanrio® Doorknocker Earrings

Do you believe BIGGER is BETTER? Do you have an affinity for bright, extravagant, shiny things, you magpie, you?! Kick those small ball stud earrings to the curb and get with VINCA's officially licensed Sanrio® Doorknocker earrings

Doorknocker, Showstoppers

That was basically our pitch to Sanrio® back in 2015 when we had an idea for an officially licensed Sanrio® collection that was a nod to lewks from late '80s Hip-Hop. Think chart-toppers Salt-N-Pepa featuring DJ Spinderella. Think XL, chunky, gold tone, hot-to-trot with a Kawaii flair. Yeah, these bad bois are XTRA, but never heavy. This collection was undeniably cool and boy, did you miss out. 

You read that right. YOU. Missed. Out. Our officially licensed Sanrio® Doorknocker Earring collection is no longer in production and we no longer maintain the licensing rights to the characters: Hello Kitty®, Chococat®, Badtz-Maru®, Little Twin Stars® or My Melody®. 

She's So Glamour-puss
HK Doorknocker on Model  HK on white
Here she is! Hello Kitty® sits coquettishly with her anthropomorphic paw over her mouth. It's almost like she's aghast at your failure to snatch up these earrings. Our Hello Kitty®  Doorknocker Earrings are approximately 2.5" long by an 1.25" at the widest point. Each earring is affixed to a surgical steel post.

The Cat Is All That
 cc on model cc on white
Another cat that takes the salmon-flavored cake, Chococat®! This anthropomorphic cat is Hello Kitty®'s pal. He's named for his adorable chocolate-colored nose. His antennae whiskers help keep him informed and up to date. We chose his kicking stance, because it looks like he missed out on a very important meeting. He looks so cute when he's frustrated! Chococat® is also cut from mirror gold plastic and positioned onto surgical steel posts for supreme comfort. 
Bird Is the Word
BM on Model  BM on white
Penguin to be exact. We've blown up the big, bad bird Badtz-Maru® to epic proportions. Super shiny mirror gold acrylic is etched in the Sanrio® character's likeness. Hypoallergenic surgical steel posts are attached to each jumbo-sized Badtz-Maru Doorknocker Earring. Don't be alarmed. While our Sanrio®  Doorknocker Earrings are king-sized, they are comfortable and lightweight. 
Twins for the Win
LTS on model LTS on white
Every Sanrio® fan's favorite duo: Little Twin Stars®! We took the classic design of Kiki and Lala riding the crescent moon and etched it onto sleek mirror gold acrylic. The dreamy brother and sister duo forgo their usual pastel palette for a more sophisticated feel. Our Little Twin Stars® Doorknocker Earrings measure approximately 2.5" wide by about 3" long. 
HARE-raisingly XL​
MM on model
Last, but certainly not least, Hello Kitty®'s best friend and Sanrio®'s resident rabbit, My Melody®. Everyone's favorite lil' bunny pal gets extra large in our My Melody® Doorknocker Earrings. We chose our favorite laughing pose of My Melody® to enlarge and cut from luxe mirror gold acrylic. Our officially licensed Sanrio® My Melody® Doorknocker Earrings are affixed to surgical steel post.
So cute. So comfortable. So Stylish. It's too bad that our officially licensed Sanrio® Doorknocker Earring collection is no longer available. Make sure you NEVER miss out on a collection by following us on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Don't forget to subscribe to our NEWSLETTER for first looks, discounts and our PopShop Live schedule!

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  • angela hernandez

    Will you be bring the hello kitty door knickers back?! 😬🤞🏼🙏🏼

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