2016 Sanrio Summer Collection

Hello Kitty Unicorn earring Hello Kitty Mermaid earrings Hello Kitty Fairy earring

Summertime Cat-ness
The success of our first officially licensed Sanrio® collection that launched in 2015 made way for another project. Vinca's Sanrio® Summer '16 collection burst onto the scene in, you guessed it, the summer of 2016. We took Sanrio's ® famous anthropomorphic Japanese Bobtail cat, Hello Kitty® and transformed her into a creature of land, sea, and sky. Feelin' inspired by the hot, hot heatwaves of a traditional Austin, Texas summer, Hello Kitty® takes a dip into three guises: a unicorn, a mermaid and a fairy. This collection includes a trio of necklaces, dangling earrings and a pair of classic Hello Kitty® mermaid earrings.

Materials, Girl!
A palette of pretty pastels paired with a rich mirror gold accent permeate our Sanrio® Summer ‘16 Collection. A soft, diffused– but not basic– petal pink was chosen for the ultimate Hello Kitty® Unicorn charm. Pearlescent white acrylic takes a simple moon-shaped earring post to the stratosphere! Add   a moon-shaped Aurora Borealis filmed Swarovski® crystal on top and it’s PURR-fection.  

We found that our transparent Barcelona Blue acrylic artfully mimics the ocean and is the perfect fit for the Hello Kitty® Mermaid design. The gold accents are a nod to a clean nautical theme. Our mirror gold shell demanded a little something special. What’s a shell without a pearl? We felt our Hello Kitty® mermaid would not only cultivate cuteness, but also the ability to muster some magic. But wait! There’s more! We also designed a sleek pair of mirror gold acrylic Hello Kitty® Mermaid earrings. This style is fantastic for those who want to make an understated statement.


Hello Kitty Mermaid stud earring Hello Kitty Mermaid stud earring

For our Hello Kitty® Fairy design  a super shiny mirror silver fit the bill for the mushroom earring post. We followed suit with the our pastel color scheme and cut the fairy design from a soft lilac acrylic. Silver plated jump rings finish the simple yet chic design.

Hello Kitty Unicorn necklace Hello Kitty Mermaid necklace Hello Kitty Fairy necklace



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