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      Our Stories

      Popshop Live - The new way to shop online!

      Popshop Live - The new way to shop online!

      Hey gang! Covid derailed our storefront opening and made commerce disappear. With the aspect of our small business dying we had to come up with a plan and come up with it quick. Our friends at RoboRoku threw us a pool floaty in the shape of a bright neon lightning bolt (that's PopShop Live) and thus helped us reach a whole new audience. 

      So what is PopShop Live?

      Popshop live is a super fun platform to meet with us LIVE and shop online!
      First thing's first, DOWNLOAD the app on your phone or tablet. Select our profile to see our upcoming streaming shows and make sure you add us to your watchlist so you don't miss our shows. Use our seller code: WEIRDO to access our shows. 
      You can interact with us by typing out salutations, comments or questions. If you ever wanted to meet the TWO people, yes--TWO people, behind Vinca now is your chance. We can't wait to meet you-- the people we make this silly stuff for!

      What will you see from Vinca?
      Get all the details of our latest collection, design processes, LIVE custom design + cutting and all the awkward pauses you can take. You can purchase selected items showcased during the themed show or request the items you wanna buy. Just let us know in the comments and we will list them LIVE on the show. Stop on by our next streaming showcase and give it a whirl. The durations of the shows vary, but our merchandise showcases/guest shows last about an hour 30 minutes while custom shows clock in around 3 hours to accommodate the consultation, design and cutting process. 
      BONUS: we also giveaway mini mystery bags during the shows.

      What is a typical PopShop Live Show like?
      You'll stumble down the rabbit hole to meet us host/Vinca owner/lead designer & operator Amanda and producer/Vinca renaissance squirrel KM. We usually stream LIVE from our HQ in Austin, TX. Occasionally we wander off yonder outdoors if the weather permits and it's not hailing mosquitos. 
      What kinds of PopShop Live shows does Vinca do?

      NEW Items Showcase
      Our standard PopShop Live showcases include our NEW items including our Halloween 2021 collection, The Eerie-sistible Collection. That's right! PopShop Live views get first dibs on new Vinca items.

      Custom Design Shows
      This show theme is wild, y'all. We've designed an entire collection LIVE from design to prototype in our studio. We've also taken design requests from PopShop Live viewers and manufactured the designs live in our studio. You can purchase a custom design ticket during these Custom Shows and we will work on your request during the show. Custom design requests are only offered during these showcases so make sure you add us to your watchlist.

      Words By Vinca Show
      Our Words Show are super fun and have a frantic energy, BUT keep cool my babies, everything is gonna be alright. Choose a font from our pre-selected listing and decide on your favorite word, ten letters or less. We can pop your word on a necklace, alligator clip or pin. We've even made adjustable letter rings. 

      We also bring in guests, talk shop, gab about small business life, answer your burning questions, giveaway mini mystery bags and offer a showcase of merchandise (NEW, rare, discontinued, prototype, custom). PopShop Live viewers get the first look at new designs, custom design offerings, and a behind the scenes look at Vinca HQ. 

      You can see upcoming shows here:


      The Eerie-sistible Collection

      The Eerie-sistible Collection

      It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yep. You read that right. HALLOWEEN. It's our favorite season, because we are expected to make these bizarre and outlandish designs. The irony is that we try to be unexpected and tend to eschew the kind of typical seasonal baubles that you can find at the corner drugstore. This little engine that could (and does) can't compete with those big dudes anyway. But then again people do feel all the nostalgic feels when they see a Jack-o-Lantern. As you can see, we're caught somewhere between commercial/seasonal (Hey, it's easier to work when the lights turn on.) and the more oddball items that amuse, horrify and make people question our sanity.  This is the brief for The Eerie-sistible Collection.

      In this collection you will find brooches, rings, more dangling fish hook earrings, a riff on the ever popular Chef's Knife, velvet chokers, and so much more! 

      Cuts Like a Knife, But It Feels So Right
      The Eerie-sistible Collection is big. It's huge. The reason being is that market research comes into play. Q: What do the people want? A: KNIVES! Okie doke. Let's bleed this cow dry, but attempt to innovate and build upon this knife trend. While you will see new types of blades including switchblades the more major change to our inventory is the hardware the designs will hang from. P.S. Hoop style earrings are on their way out so get those while you can. Introducing the fish hook earring! This style is much easier to close and the charm is attached to the earring. No more, "Hey, has anyone seen a tiny knife lying around?" 

      Ensconced in Velvet
      We often times get custom orders and those custom order influence us to put our own spin on the requests. Enter the Knife of the Party Choker Necklace (available in Sassy and Sweet, $32 each). It's a nod to the '90s with a wicked wink to 2021. This one makes me think of over-the-top '90s shows like Melrose Place where everyone looks like a supermodel (except for Michael Mancini), and has skeletons amundo rifling around in their closets. These bad boys are adjustable and will fit a variety of necks. You just need to decide if you're more of a classic (Sassy--black velvet) or an adventurous pastel goth (Sweet--pink velvet). You can also just ignore me and get both. That works too. 

      eerie-sitible collection

      Let's Get Experimental
      Peppered into the collection is more experimental designs that we threw in just to see if we could prove the concept. Hello, Creepy Doll Head Brooch. You will also see Ghostface Buck Knives and an assortment of rings we resurrected from years past Guinea Pig Subscription Boxes. And yes, the rings are adjustable. Choose between In Memory of When I Grave a Damn- Tombstone Ring ($16), Little House on the Scary Ring ($32), and I Challenge You to a Duel! Ring ($16). Rings are a tricky thing. While we used to cut our own ring bases, but it was a nightmare including and storing multiple sizes. Facilitating a single adjustable silver plated brass ring base has allowed us to offer more sizing options. 

      The Sequel(s)
      This collection is never-ending much like a horror film franchise. Cats, Ouija, Cats AND Ouija, Goodness Gracious Great Eyeballs of Fire in earrings and bobby pins, gotta go see everything for yourself! So go on! Git!

      Guinea Pig Subscription Box Goes Into Hibernation

      Is This the End? 
      Yes, folks. It's true. Maybe. July 2021's Guinea Pig Subscription Club will be going on hiatus. While there are technically difficulties to hammer out it is possible to save Bijoux, but we will need strong customer support to continue the club. If there is a significant number of people that want Bijoux back we will create a space for you to sign up and learn more about continuing this project. 

      July 2021 Icon
      Our last box for the foreseeable future is the eclectic fashion entrepreneur, one-time Greta Garbo lookalike and songstress Gwen Stefani. Expect something in the vein of Harajuku style, a '90s SKA throwback and maybe even Bijoux in a fuzzy blue bikini top. 


      Special Thanks to Club Members
      THANK YOU to all the people (no love to the bots) reading this. Thanks for your support and interest in this little project that could AND should. While I feel that we just began to hit our stride with the 2021 Icon offerings, the subscription services we have experimented with do not suit our specific needs. It's difficult to process orders with the two services we have tried. Marketing this project has also been a head scratcher. Suffice it to say, we've had a blast designing for this subscription box and suffered spooky-dookie nightmares working out the finer details.

      So...What's Next?

      Bijoux will spend her hibernation considering if this whole thing is what our customers want, researching subscription platforms and getting her nails done. They are a mess. A MESS!

      There's a chance the subscription club may come back, perhaps in another form or fade away and radiate entirely. It's ultimately up to whether we can find an appropriate service and if our customers are interested in subscription services. Again, we need strong support and feedback from our customers to resume the subscription club. 

      Bijoux's Beginnings

      The subscription box, now club, idea began in the fall of 2018. The Guinea Pig Subscription Box made its debut in December 2018. Why guinea pig? We're testing out new materials, findings, designs and types of goods that we offer. It gives us a chance to stretch our design legs to the point of straining them into noodles and churn out one-of-a-kind, head spinning designs. You're getting exclusive, experimental content at a steal. 

      Past items have included a TINY(!) tick-tack-toe game, an Eartha Kitt/Catwoman-influenced drink coaster and a mini Yayoi Kusama-esque Infinity Room. And yeah. Ya missed it all!

      Last Chance for Subscription-mance(?)

      You have until June 20th, 2021 to purchase July 2021's Gwen Stefani box. We plan on having a Subscription Box Singletons Show on PopShop Live some time in August. That's where we sell the remaining leftovers from past Guinea Pig Subscription Club boxes. You can download the PopShop Live App on your mobile device to join us and snag some accessories or you can watch strangers buy all the accessories you want from your desk top. That's still fun, right? 

      Donut You Wanna Intern with Us This Spring/Summer?!

      Donut You Wanna Intern with Us This Spring/Summer?!

      Calling all 14 to 24-year-olds! Are you a student interested in gaining experience in the creative world including, but not limited to: design, videography, photography, editing, social media, digital marketing, laser cutting, production, sales, etc. In short, you would be assisting us run our small business.

      Here at Vinca no day is the same and we like it that way. Applicants must be locally based in Austin, TX. No experience is necessary. 
      Fill out this FORM to apply for our 2021 Spring/Summer internship.

      Limited Edition Vinca x Lipstick + Chrome Mid-Century Inspired Jewelry

      Limited Edition Vinca x Lipstick + Chrome Mid-Century Inspired Jewelry

      Here's a treat for all you lovers of all things RETRO! If you are taken with Mid-Century style and miniature home furnishings you do not want to miss this collaboration. We partnered with Williamsburg, Virginia's Lipstick & Chrome for a collection of late '50s, early 60's mod minimalist-themed accessories that would make Doris Day's day.
      cactus plant

      The Law of the Lipstick
      Kendra Law, gallery manager & fancy idea alchemist of Quirks and Lipstick & Chrome in Williamsburg, VA reached out to Amanda with a tiny request. The idea of materializing a wearable mid-century room had been in Law's head for quite some time. We were more than happy to help Kendra with bringing her dream of a teeny set straight out of Pillow Talk.
      egg chair with cat
      A Brood of Brooches
      The women of Quirks and Lipstick + Chrome LOVE quirky (naturally) brooches and aren't afraid of big, flashy, vivid colors. You may have noticed that the majority of the mid-century modern room collection consists of a bevy of brooches, but these aren't your grandmother's brooches. We take an expansive array of materials to add texture and sheen to this utterly groovy yet sophisticated mid-century modern set of brooches and earrings. Shiny gold, mirror green, dreamy pearlescent white, Baltic birch wood and a terracotta-esque acrylic are just a few examples of the materials decking out this boss collection.

      How Do I Get My Hands on These?!
      To see the full collection and purchase, visit The collection ranges from $18.95 - $62.95.

      Vinca + Monster Girl Brigade Earring Collaboration

      Vinca + Monster Girl Brigade Earring Collaboration
      This project was a real treat! It always is when we get to help a pal translate their work into wearable art. Jessica Ballengee's vividly imaginative swamp monsters, Satan-worshipping nuns and knife-wielding opossums put a smirk on our sweaty faces when we met her showcasing her prints and paintings at 2019's West Austin Studio Tour. 

      Read more




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